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There’s nothing more frustrating when time is of the essence than drawing a blank when it comes to big ideas. The problem is that when the adrenalin kicks in, the very system that lets the great ideas come shining through shuts down in the face of the coming stampede.

As Liz Strauss explains at Successful Bloggers:

To keep our brains efficient, we come equipped –- at no extra charge –- with a stimulus management unit called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). The RAS is a valve-like screening device at the base of our brains that filters out most of the unwanted stimuli. Think of it as closed door gateway that allows only useful information into our conscious brains.

The trick is to train one’s mind for stillness, then within this eye of the storm, manipulate the problem to open the gates of inspiration using the following techniques:

– Change points of vision. View the question from the inside out, vertically, laterally, at the detail level, and the aerial view.

– Change your value system. Imagine the suggestions that you might get from a designer, a composer, a writer, a mathematician, a coder, a dancer, a chef, and understanding friend. Then do it again from the view of an employee, a vendor, a partner, a stockholder, a CEO, and a competitor.

Full story at Successful Bloggers.

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